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Why Not To Use Shock Collars

Key Goals

The Coalition will work diligently together to achieve the following:

  1. To engage and educate pet owners and shelter/rescue workers to help them make informed decisions about the management, care and training of the pets in their charge.
  2. To build a worldwide coalition that provides pet owners access to competent, professional pet industry service providers.
  3. To create widespread pet industry transparency and compliance regarding how professionals implement their services and communicate their philosophy to pet owners.

Further Reading

Selected academic papers and statements from professional organizations that demonstrate why shock is not the preferred option to care for, train or manage pets:

  1. Blackwell, E., & Casey, R. (2006). The Use of Shock Collars and Their Impact on the Welfare of Dogs. Bristol, UK: University of Bristol Department of Clinical Veterinary Science
  2. Companion Animal Welfare Council. (2012). The Use of Electronic Pulse Training Aids (EPTAs) in Companion Animals. Retrieved October 30, 2016, from http://eprints.lincoln.ac.uk/14640/1/CAWC%20ecollar%20report.pdf
  3. Overall, K. (2007). Considerations for shock and ‘training’ collars: Concerns from and for the working dog community. Journal of Veterinary Behavior (2), 103-107
  4. Schilder, M.B.H, & van der Borg, J.A.M. (2004). Training dogs with the help of the shock collar: short and long term behavioural effects. Applied Animal Behaviour Science (85),

About Shock-Free Coalition

The Shock-Free Coalition believes that pets have an intrinsic right to be treated humanely,to have each of their individual needs met, and to live in a safe, enriched environment free from force, pain and fear.

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