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  • 18 Oct 2018 10:56 AM | Shock Free Administrator (Administrator)

    Following the Kennel Club’s event at the Scottish Parliament last December where the Kennel Club called on the Minister to bring forward a ban on shock training devices as a priority, the Kennel Club is delighted that less than one year later, strict guidance has been published which provides advice on training methods and training aids for dogs, with particular focus on the welfare issues that may arise from the use of aversive methods including e-collars. It highlights the potential consequences of the misuse of aversive training aids, including possible legal consequences.

    The Kennel Club and Scottish Kennel Club assisted the Scottish government in drafting the guidance which now clearly states:

    “Particular training devices that the Scottish Government does not condone are: electronic shock (static pulse) collars, electronic anti-bark collars, electronic containment systems, or any other method to inflict physical punishment or negative reinforcement. These techniques compromise dog welfare, as they may lead to aggressive responses and worsen the problems that they aim to address by masking or aggravating underlying behavioural issues”.   read the full statement here

  • 28 Mar 2018 2:45 PM | Shock Free Administrator (Administrator)

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