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Shock-Free Coalition State Coordinator Role


To grow the brand of the Shock-Free Coalition through specific and localized regions that can more effectively develop and manage local advocacy activities in support and coordination of legal strategies.

Coalition Coordinator

A coordinator will be appointed in each region to help develop and grow the local coalition chapter. Successful applicants will be trained in Shock-Free Coalition brand standards, social media protocols, meeting criteria and local role purpose and branding. Full support will be given from PPG leadership.

Applicants Must:

  • Have signed the Shock-Free Pledge
  • Be able to remain in the position for a two-year minimum.
  • Have been in business and/or the pet industry for a minimum of three years.
  • Be a PPG member in good standing for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Have no felony convictions or animal abuse/cruelty convictions.
  • Be able to attend one monthly national, and possibly regional, meeting.
  • Arrange and chair a minimum of four meetings annually for the regional coalition chapter using internet conference facilities.
  • Have the leadership skills to manage and coordinate state volunteers
  • Have access to a computer, word processing software and internet services.
  • Be available by phone during normal business hours.
  • Be passionate about the Shock-Free Coalition and the Shock-Free Pledge.

Role: Social Media and Internet Presence

  • Work to develop and launch a regional Shock-Free Coalition branded Facebook page with the title: Shock-Free Coalition and the approved regional name
  • Follow brand practices and policies for the Facebook page in terms of logo use, materials posted, and general social media etiquette.
  • Develop a contact list of local media (print, digital and broadcast) to aid with advocacy communication.

Role: Logo Use and Trademarks

  • The local coalition will have access to logos, marketing materials, position statements etc. to help educate their local community.
  • Approved branding materials will be provided in a Google Drive folder for each regional coalition.
  • The use of logos and trademark compliance must be managed by the regional coordinator according to guidelines provided by PPG.

Role: Monthly Activities

  • Drive local awareness through pledge circulation and signatures.
  • Cross-post and update the regional Facebook Page regularly.
  • Attend, coordinate and/or manage regional events.
  • Sponsor educational events/presentations in the general community or in specific segments of the professional pet care community.
  • Encourage membership in PPG and support of the Shock-Free Coalition.
  • Distribute corporate news releases when applicable to local media.
  • Complete a very short report each month via an online form detailing local activity.
  • Give presentations with branded materials to help propogate the message 

To apply for this position please click here

About Shock-Free Coalition

The Shock-Free Coalition believes that pets have an intrinsic right to be treated humanely,to have each of their individual needs met, and to live in a safe, enriched environment free from force, pain and fear.

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